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Recycle For a Better You
We recycle for a Better Planet for you the Family and us. Carolina is Clean Lets Keep it that way. Find out how, get involved Today.
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Because it all gets in the water
Actually think again. Recycling Works it's just good for the Family. Let's keep our Creeks for generations to come. Together we can do it.
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State of the art recycling plant
Haul or Call your waste is our business. Counting on your commitment and our state of the art warehouse to keep the Carolinas Green.
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Better air if we don't waste our air
Since 1984 our mission remains the same to help keep our city clean. Thank you for all your help and continuous support without you we couldn't have done it.
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Providing residential, commercial waste and recycling solutions throughout the Carolina's

We do it because we love you
So go ahead and give yourself a hand

Don't waste your waste
Drop it off or call and schedule a pickup

Waste Experts

Let's start with Biodegradable waste; food and kitchen waste, organic/yard trimmings and brush. Moving on, there's Recyclable materials waste; things like paper including newspaper and magazines, glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, etc. Then you have construction and demolition waste, carpet, compost and other debris and Composite wastes; like furniture, clothing, non-recyclable plastics such as toys.

Our Policy

Waste we do not accept generally are Domestic hazardous waste and Toxic waste like Freon, Asbestos, tires, paint, liquids, radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, chemicals, fertilizer and pesticides, Bio-medical, medications, infectious, bio-hazardous, toxic or hazardous and other materials requiring special handling as defined by local and federal regulations.

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Need a Waste Audit?

Carolina Recycling & Waste Management LLC. can help your business discover cost-savings by conducting a recycling audit of your company’s waste stream. We will visually scrutinize and factor the types and volumes of trash. This assessment will provide information for our green team of experts to design a comprehensive recycling program customized to your company’s needs. An audit will:


• Identify your options for recycling materials rather than waste going landfill direct.
• Combine cost prevention to provide a true perspective on recycling.
• Provide a recycling standpoint on what is being thrown out as waste.
• Compare the cost of landfill direct versus an effective recycling program.